LG&E and KU Energy Gas Operations Dispatcher Trainee in Louisville, Kentucky



Gas Operations Dispatcher Trainee

Job Description:

The normal duties may include but are not limited to: 1. Employee will be knowledgeable of and follow all safety rules, procedures, and practices. 2. Employee will, when directed by supervision, report to assigned locations during emergencies and for the purpose of receiving training and will actively participate in the training activities. 3. Employee will exhibit an adequate competency level pertaining to activities delineated in the Duties and Qualifications sections of this job classification and demonstrate such competency via performance of job duties and training and testing programs administered at intervals prescribed by Louisville Gas and Electric Co. to assure correct classification of employees. 4. Employee will, during normal performance of his duties, watch for and promptly report to supervision any damaged or defective equipment or conditions which may cause damage or injury. 5. Employee will perform duties of lower or higher classifications that are incidental to the job and are within his/her capabilities including those needed for the purpose of training in the requirements of the higher classifications. 6. Employee will keep all equipment, tools, materials, and work areas in a clean and orderly condition. 7. Employee will report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 8. Employee will perform work in a responsible and cooperative manner to facilitate a positive working environment. 9. Employee will compile information and generate reports, forms, and documents as required. 10. Employee will represent the Company to the community with attention to the highest standard of conduct, appearance, and attitude. 11. Employee acting in conjunction with supervision or individually as directed by supervision will assist other employees in the correct operating procedures necessary to fully satisfy the classification duties of Gas Distribution Operations Dispatcher Trainee within the subject line of progression or other duties with which the employee is familiar. SPECIFIC DUTIES Duties, which may include, but are not limited to: 1. Employee will work with other dispatchers and management team and must learn how to coordinate field personnel activity; manage incoming work load during the day; route work to crews during the day with minimal input from supervision using multiple tools to ensure the most effective, efficient, choice for a crew is used; employee will need to understand all job types, codes, and processes to be able to best select a crew for an assignment. 2. Employee must learn how to determine and dispatch work assignments, maintain awareness of crew locations for emergency dispatch, select proper crew for emergency dispatch, communicate with crews via radio, telephone, and 2-way, and manage work in computer based dispatching system. 3. Employee with the assistance of other dispatchers will prioritize and expedite jobs when necessary based on information from various sources to help maintain a high level of safety, customer satisfaction and meet performance targets as defined by the Company. 4. Employee will maintain constant and diligent monitoring of the radio system; monitors computer to track unit status; ensures rapid response of police to fire or emergency calls. 5. Employee must learn computer applications employed by gas distribution operations, including new applications as introduced. This includes STORMS, Smallworld, Ventyx Service Suite, GOMR, CCS, TOE, Oracle Imaging and other applications. 6. Employees must learn how to, using Smallworld, analyze data to assist field personnel in decision making during emergency situations including the determination of 1-way and 2-way feeds, number of customers and services affected, and facility location information. 7. Employee must learn the gas codes, standards, and company policies. 8. Employee must learn to coordinate associated activities in support of field personnel, including the acquisition of locates via Kentucky 811, traffic control, street plates, dump trucks and additional people and equipment as necessary. 9. Employee will answer telephones in a polite and courteous manner, respond to information requests or direct information requests to the proper authority, relay messages, receive and give information pertaining to all functions of work performed by Gas Distribution Operations. 10. Employee will perform all filing and report functions required by distribution operations to help maintain proper records, and up to date reporting information. 11. Employee must learn how to properly prepare work orders for field personnel using various systems to verify or confirm information being given is accurate, job types and codes are correct, BUD numbers are received and documented, information systems are aligned and consistent. 12. Employee must learn how to respond to customer calls by making appointments as necessary and ensuring that jobs are properly documented and scheduled according to applicable company policies and procedures. 13. Employee will process orders for materials and supplies from various sources to be used by Gas Distribution Operations personnel. 14. Employee must learn gas terms and apparatus associated with Gas Distribution Operations. 15. Employee will generate, process, check for accuracy, and complete work orders generated by Gas Distribution Operations. This includes generating work orders correctly after conversations with internal and external customers. 16. Employee will become knowledgeable of the gas system and service territory in general, the streets, roads, highways, general area served, and the Company's extension and service policies. 17. Employee will help maintain a positive work environment for the team that encourages teamwork, quality service and high productivity. 18. Employee will become knowledgeable of how to dispatch all work performed by Gas Distribution Operations personnel and as required; coordinates back-up support activities; determines priorities among calls for service; keeps supervisory personnel aware of priority calls and equipment status. 19. Employee will maintain reporting on computer-aided dispatching systems; performs data entry on computer, ensuring that entries are concise and accurate; updates files, and maintains accurate, detailed records, logs and other pertinent information. 20. Employee communicates via telephone or radio with other agencies, such as utility companies, fire departments, police departments, city government agencies, 911 Emergency, 811 call-before-you-dig requests, etc. 21. Employee must ensure all radio equipment is properly functioning and reports any breakdown or defects immediately to the supervisor in charge; records administrative events regarding equipment failures, personnel absences, and other events. 22. Employee will perform similar or related work as required, or as situation dictates. 23. Employee must meet scheduling and attendance requirements. 24. Employee will use a PC and software program to advise field personnel of control valves used as isolation devices to control and minimize outage occurrences. 25. Employee will use the GIS (Smallworld-ENOM) mapping system to create an outage and effectively manage the outage for complete resolution. 26. Employee will learn the job-related material (i.e., computer operation, gas system operation, a

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Physical Effort:

It's primarily sitting, 8-10 hour shifts typical, some overtime required, working on a computer, no major physical responsibilities (some minor filing - I can't imagine anything ever more than 20 pounds).

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Employee must be able to accurately, neatly, and efficiently write or print information, messages, and instructions received via communication systems. 2. Employee must be able to operate the ACD telephone system. 3. Employee must be able to effectively communicate between customers and supervision about appointments, technical issues, etc., to avoid misunderstanding and document conversations as necessary or appropriate. 4. Employee must have above average computer software skills, including a working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word. 5. Employee must have the ability to be able to speak plainly and clearly while communicating with field personnel and supervision using the radio, cell phone, or 2-way. 6. Employee must be without hearing impairment. 7. Employee must have good organizational skills with the ability to prioritize. 8. Employee must be able to communicate with the public in a courteous and tactful manner and have a cooperative attitude with other departments, utilities, and contractors with which his/her work must be coordinated. 9. Employee must be able to learn and understand the terms and apparatus associated with Gas Distribution Operations. 10. Employee must be competent in computer applications, demonstrate ability to master new applications. 11. Employee must have excellent interpersonal skills. 12. Employee must be able to work in a high stress environment and have the ability to remain calm and make accurate decisions.

Work Conditions:

Office environment

Required Education & Experience:

  1. Employee must meet all general qualifications of employment. 2. Employee must be able to speak, understand, read, and write English, and be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. 3. Employee must have education or knowledge equivalent to that normally represented by satisfactory completion of the requirements of a high school diploma, or equivalent. 4. Employee must be able to learn to use the tools and equipment required in the work. 5. Employee must be willing to become familiar with the Company Safety Rules and willingly comply with such rules. 6. Employee must have a valid state driver's license. 7. Employee must be willing to report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 8. Employee must be in good health and be able to perform the physical requirements of the job. 9. Employee must possess the willingness and ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to advance to higher classifications. 10. Employee must be willing and able to communicate through both verbal and written reports. 11. Employee must be able to learn to make and read simple drawings and sketches. 12. Employee must be willing to carry through work assignments, and must be willing to conduct himself/herself in a manner that encourages cooperation and satisfactory work from others assigned to work with him/her. 13. Employee must possess the willingness and ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to advance to higher classifications. 14. Employee must meet all qualifications as required by Federal, State, and Municipal regulations as it applies to this position. 15. Employee must successfully complete such entry level testing programs as are promulgated by Louisville Gas and Electric to measure job responsive aptitude, ability to retain knowledge and problem solving skills.


6900 Enterprise Drive



Job Function:

Gas Distribution Operations

Position Purpose:

Employee will perform coordination and dispatching of Gas Distribution Operation personnel for all utility construction and maintenance activities including scheduled and unscheduled work and emergency response. This job is performed under supervision on a regular, irregular or rotating shift. Employees will learn how to determine the nature and location of the work to be performed, determine the priority of the job, and make determinations regarding the timeliness of the job, the appropriate personnel/resources that should be dispatched including requesting standby personnel or working on-shift field employees on overtime to complete a job or address larger than expected work volumes. They communicate on a regular basis with emergency response agencies (i.e. fire department, police, 911), plumbers, customers, developers, supervision, contractors, other departments, to make appropriate determinations of job assignments and ensure safe, timely completion of the work. Employees will learn to operate several systems including Work Management (STORMS), GIS (Smallworld), Dispatch (Ventyx Service Suite), Customer Service (CCS & TOE), other informational systems (GOMR, Oracle Imaging) as well as internally built systems to create, research and dispatch work. This includes analyzing GIS data to provide field personnel with accurate information in support of work being done including curb valve or main valve locations, other underground facility locations, system operating pressure, pipe material and size, system feeds, number of customers and services, customer name and contact information, and other information as available. The GIS is also utilized to track leak information, and is required to be updated daily. Employees may be required to work overtime including nights, weekends, and holidays. Employees in this class may work rotating shifts that may include nights, weekends and holidays to maintain 24 hour coverage of the emergency dispatch system, within Distribution Operations.



All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, perceived disability or any other protected characteristic as may be defined by applicable law.