LG&E and KU Energy Line Technician A, B, C or Assistant in Louisville, Kentucky



Line Technician A, B, C or Assistant

Job Description:

The normal duties may include but are not limited to: 1. Employee will be knowledgeable of and follow all safety rules, procedures and practices. 2. Employee will, when directed by supervision, report to assigned locations for the purpose of receiving training and will actively participate in the training activities. 3. Employee will exhibit an adequate competency level pertaining to activities delineated in the Duties and Qualifications sections of this job classification. Demonstrate such competency via performance of job duties and training and testing programs administered at intervals prescribed by Louisville Gas and Electric to assure correct classification of employees. 4. Employee will, during the normal performance of his duties, watch for and promptly report to supervision any damaged or defective equipment or conditions which may cause damage or injury. 5. Employee will perform duties of lower or higher classifications that are incidental to the job and are within his/her capabilities including those needed for the purpose of training in the requirements of the higher classifications. 6. Employee will keep all equipment, tools, materials and work areas in a clean and orderly condition. 7. Employee will report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 8. Employee will perform work in a responsible and cooperative manner to facilitate a positive working environment. 9. Employee will represent the Company to the community with attention to the highest standard of conduct, appearance and attitude. SPECIFIC DUTIES Duties which may include, but are not limited to: 1.Employee will clear brush and trees from right of ways and trim trees with pruners from ground under direction. 2.Employee will serve linemen, anticipating their needs and supplying them with proper tools, equipment and material. 3.Employee will obtain and return to truck or trailer all tools, materials and equipment. 4.Employee will perform ground work, under direction, in connection with installing poles, conductors, transformers and other overhead line devices. 5.Employee will dig and tamp holes, and help load and unload poles. 6.Employee will make up guy wires and drive ground rods under direction. 7.Employee will set and remove barricades, flags, signs, flares and direct traffic in the performance as a flagman. 8.Employee must learn and become knowledgeable in tying, splicing, binding and fastening with rope. 9.Employee must learn the proper set-up of aerial lifts, derricks or other vehicles and equipment. 10.Employee must learn the proper procedure for loading, unloading and set-up of wire stringing equipment. 11.Employee must learn electrical terms and apparatus associated with the Electric Distribution Department. 12.Employee must learn the proper use and care of electrical protective equipment. 13.Employee must learn proper communication procedure in the use of two-way radio equipment. 14.Employee must attend and successfully complete a lineman training program as scheduled and designated by management and begin the training as outlined in the Apprenticeship Program to advance to the “C Line Technician Classification. 15.Employee will respond to a minimum of 50% call-ins for off hour trouble response ensuring their exposure to various field conditions and helping them gain the competencies to move to the next level of their job classification

Requisition ID:




Physical Effort:

Must be able to lift 50 lbs. from the ground to the height of 30 inches and from waist level to chest on a daily basis; Typical equipment/materials that must be lifted includes but is not limited to coils of cable; Able to climb up and down stairs and vertical ladders unassisted on a daily basis; Perform hand manipulations extended from your body and near floor level for extended periods of time on a routine basis

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. No prior experience necessary. 2. Employee must be willing to climb poles, towers and fixtures in order to advance to a lineman. 3. Employee must have the knowledge to take accurate measurements with rulers and tape measures and perform basic mathematical calculations.

Work Conditions:

Exposure to heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. as well as exposure to loud noises and traffic. Frequent driving, climbing, and walking.

Required Education & Experience:

  1. Employee must meet all general qualifications of employment. 2. Employee must meet all qualifications as required by Federal State and Municipal regulations as applies to this position. 3. Employee must be able to speak, understand, read and write English, and be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. 4. Employee must be able to learn to use the tools and equipment required in the work. 5. Employee must be willing to become familiar with the Company Safety Rules and willingly comply with such rules. 6. Employee must have a valid state driver's license and pass the Transportation Department's driver's test for operating Company vehicles, including those with manual transmissions. 7. Employee must be willing to work inside and outside under varying weather conditions. 8. Employee must be willing to report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 9. Employee must be in good health and be able to perform the physical requirements of the job, which include work at heights and heavy manual labor. 10. Employee must possess the willingness and ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to advance to higher classifications. 11. Employee must be willing and able to communicate through both verbal and written reports. 12. Employee must be able to learn to make and read simple drawings and sketches. 13. Employee must be willing to carry through work assignments, and must be willing to conduct himself/herself in a manner that encourages cooperation and satisfactory work from others assigned to work with him/her. 14. Employee must successfully complete such entry level testing programs as are promulgated by Louisville Gas and Electric to measure job responsive aptitude, ability to retain knowledge and problem solving skills.


10300 Ballardsville Road



Job Function:

Electric Distribution Maintenance & Construction

Position Purpose:

Employee will learn and perform a variety of routine and unskilled manual labor duties from the ground in assisting linemen to construct and maintain electric distribution lines.

Company Paid Relocation - External:

Not Provided



All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, perceived disability or any other protected characteristic as may be defined by applicable law.